Budgeting whilst dealing with mental health issues

Budgeting Whilst Dealing With Mental Health Issues

For some people, budgeting can be a difficult and often frustrating experience. For people struggling with mental health issues, these difficulties can be even more pronounced. If basic tasks like getting up and dressed are a major challenge, how stressful and difficult must budgeting be? For people dealing with mental health issues and struggling with budgeting how can life be made easier? Are there any strategies or tips to help with this difficult experience?

For Some People, Mental Health Overwhelms Life

It’s important to take into consideration that there are different types of mental health issues. Each one can bring a variety of different symptoms and individual struggles. Someone struggling with depression may find everything potentially pointless and difficult. This can make it tricky to maintain a good attitude to budgeting. Mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar can all increase financial stress, especially when handling large amounts of money.

Often, mental health issues can cause people to stress about financial decisions that others would not normally struggle with. For example, purchasing something as simple as a new kettle for £25 can cause untold amounts of self doubt. Was the purchase was a good idea? Can I afford to support myself following this purchase? Should I have bought the other kettle? These questions can occur regardless of how financially secure a person really is.

Worry can be ever present for people with mental health issues making any financial decision a major problem. It can also cause some people to actively avoid making financial decisions. This in turn can lead to further problems, such as debt.

Ways to Cope With Budgeting

There are many different ways to budget effectively whilst dealing with mental health issues. One of the first things to do is to try and identify what it is that makes someone stressed or unhappy when thinking about money. Is it a deep rooted concern that they won’t be able to afford everything? Could it be the level of responsibility that is just too much sometimes? Knowing why a person is stressed when trying to budget will allow them to implement strategies that may help to reduce stress.

Having somebody to talk to about financial concerns can be really helpful for someone suffering with mental health issues. This could be as simple as sitting with someone and helping to create a budget. There are also specialist debt services available for people with mental health problems.

Mental health issues are notoriously difficult to tackle. By encouraging people to understand what it is that makes them feel unhappy and helping them to deal with these issues it is possible to lessen the difficulties they encounter.

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