Kids and a man enjoying cheap days out

5 Cheap Days Out For Budgeting Parents

In the summer holidays when the kids are off school and the weather is (sometimes) good, there are many opportunities for great family days out. However, family days out can sometimes be very expensive and it’s not always practical to spend a lot of money. We’ve got you covered, however, and have put together a […]

Avoid Scrimping on Price in These 5 Instances

Avoid Scrimping On Price In These 5 Instances

If you’re the budgeting type (which we think you are), then you’ll know the importance of finding the products you want for the best possible price. Whilst it’s important to get the best possible price there are some occasions where you should avoid scrimping on price. We’ve put together this handy list of 5 items […]

Budgeting whilst dealing with mental health issues

Budgeting Whilst Dealing With Mental Health Issues

For some people, budgeting can be a difficult and often frustrating experience. For people struggling with mental health issues, these difficulties can be even more pronounced. If basic tasks like getting up and dressed are a major challenge, how stressful and difficult must budgeting be? For people dealing with mental health issues and struggling with […]

Budgeting and Staying Motivated

Budgeting and Staying Motivated

In an ideal world, we’d all like to live in a palace and spend as much money as we want. In truth, most of us need to operate within our means and effective budgeting is the best way to do this. That means keeping track of your finances and demonstrating a certain level of restraint […]

Delicious & Budget Friendly Falafel

This is one of my favourite recipes at the moment, I’m probably making it at least once every 2 weeks. Not only do the falafel taste delicious, they are budget friendly too at around £2.50 per serving (less if you are using leftover veg). Here are the ingredients you will need along with rough costs of […]

Ways to earn extra money

6 Ways To Earn Extra Money

Let’s face it, we would all like to earn extra money. The good news is there are a host of different ways we can all put extra cash in our pockets. With the help of a little technology and some traditional methods, you can do some amazing things. Here’s just a few that we’ve thought […]

Environmentally Friendly Budgeting

Environmentally Friendly Budgeting

Most people don’t equate good budgeting with saving the planet. The truth is that environmentally friendly budgeting can have a sizable impact on your personal carbon footprint. It can help you cut your fuel bills, reduce waste and handle everyday resources more economically. Use Up Food According to the United Nations, collectively we waste 1.3 […]

Teaching Children About Finances

Teaching Children About Finances

Managing finances is one of the key life skills that we all need to learn. Understanding how budgeting works and what it really means is important if you want to keep control of the purse strings and save for those important things. The sooner you start teaching children about finances, the more likely they are […]

Budget Mobile Phone

Budget Mobile – How I Pay Less Than £13 Per Month

It always amazes me when I overhear conversations between people discussing their mobile phone contracts and I hear “yeah, I got a really good deal. I’m only paying £40 per month.”. What? £40 a month is not a budget mobile! For me anything over £20 a month is unjustified. I’m not a massively heavy user […]